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PT. Rami Formality Services has been doing formality business in Indonesia for more than eight (8) years. We are authorized to process permits related to the following areas:

  • BKPM Department 

  • Manpower Department 

  • Trade and Industry Department 

  • Population and Civil Department 

  • Municipal / Administrative Unit

  • National Education Department

  • Immigration Department 

  • Religious Department 

  • Social Affairs Department

  • Tourism Department

  • Ministry of Justice Department

  • Foreign Affaris Department 

  • Police Department 

  • Foreign Embassies

  • Oil and Gas Department

  • Sea Communication Department

  • SUSMAR Department

Download Documents/ Requirement :

  • Download Persyaratan WLK Here

  • Download Persyaratan SKDP perpanjangan Here

  • Download Persyaratan SKDP baru Here

  • Download Persyaratan NPWP Here

  • Download Persyaratan NIB Perseorangan Here

  • Download Persyaratan NIB Lokal PMA Here

  • Download Persyaratan NIB KPPA Here

  • Download Persyaratan Izin Usaha PT. Lokal PMA Here

  • Download Persyaratan Izin Usaha Perorangan Here

  • Download Persyaratan Izin Usaha KPPA Here​​

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