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Visa Services

Spouse Visa

For mix married couple (Indonesian with foreign spouse), if you would like to re-unite or live in Indonesia the spouse visa is the answer. This Spouse visa is a temporary resident visa which is valid for one year and can be extended during your foreign spouse staying in Indonesia. After your marriage has reached for 2 year, Then you may apply for permanent resident (Spouse KITAP).

Under the spouse Visa/ KITAS, you may work in Indonesia in condition the company who hires/ sponsor you has to apply for your RPTK, pay the DPKK fee and also apply for your working permit so called IMTA. So in this case your Spouse KITAS card is sponsored by your Indonesian wife, and your working permit is sponsored by the company in Indonesia who hires you to work in Indonesia.

It is only taking 7-10 working days to process the telex approval of Spouse visa issued by the Directorate General Immigration office (including username registration).


The required documents to process the Spouse visa are:

  • Color scan of of Married Certificate issued by Civil Department or KUA (Religious Dept for moslem wedding) If you got married overseas, then you have to register your married book to the Civil Department and that the Civil Dept will issue "Surat Keterangan Menikah" or "Pencatatan Pernikahan".

  • Color scan of Letter of Non-Impediment issued by the Foreign Embassy in Indonesia

  • Color scan of full pages of your foreign spouse´s passport (cover to cover). The minimum validation of the passport should be 18 months from the date we file the application.

  • Color scan of ID card of Indonesian spouse so called KTP

  • Color scan of Family card so called "KK (Kartu Keluarga).

  • Color scan of the latest saving account statement

  • Color scan birth certificate of Indonesian spouse 

  • Photographs with red background color 4X6 cm = 1 ea (you can send it to us in PDF file)

If you would like to know the cost & services to process the complete permits of the Spouse visa, please do not hesitate to contact

Download Spouse Visa documents/ Requirement:

  1. Checklist New Spouse E-ITAS (During Covid) here

  2. File checklist Requirement for Dependant Visa for a Child (During Covid) here

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