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The working visa or so called index 312,  is a visa for the purpose of working. The duration of  working visa is vary from one month to 12 months depending on the request of the company to employ the expatriate in Indonesia through the Expatriate Utilisation Plan so called RPTKA (Rencana Penempatan Tenaga Kerja Asing).  Upon the issuance of RPTK, the online application for notification letter from the Manpower Dept should be filed. Upon the issuance of notification letter, Manpower Dept will give twenty four (24) hours for the company to transfer the DPKK fee payment (Skill & Development Fund) at the appointed Indonesian banks.

After the DPKK fee has been transferred for payment, then there will be online notification letter of the next instruction to transfer the payment of the government fee (PNBP : Pembayaran Negara Bukan Pajak) prior to the issuance of the telex approval index 312.

Upon the issuance of the telex 312, the applicant will be given 60 days to collect the visa at the appointed Indonesian Embassy. The applicant will have to do the biometric (one line photo & finger printing) at the appointed Indonesian Embassy when the applicant collect the working visa.

The E-Itas & MERP (Multiple Exit Re-Entry Permit) stamps for the working visa will be given at the Indonesian Airport Immigration upon the applicant's entrance into Indonesia using the working visa. While for the family members, the E-itas & MERP stamps will be issued at the local Immigration office service point where they live in Indonesia.


For complete procedures, steps and time consumes in processing the working visa, please double click the "Permit Process", and "Permit time lines".

Download Documents/ Requirement:

  • Download File Flowchart 312 here

  • Download File New Work Authorization Long term - Non Direksi here

  • Download File New Work Authorization Short term - Non Direksi here

  • Download File New Work Authorization - Direksi here

  • Download file Renewal Work Authorization - Non Direksi here

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