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Working Visa

A work visa or so-called index 312, is a visa for work purposes. The duration of the work visa varies from one month to 12 months depending on the company's request to employ foreign workers in Indonesia through the Foreign Worker Utilization Plan called RPTKA (Foreign Worker Placement Plan). After the RPTK is issued, a notification letter from the Ministry of Manpower must be submitted online. With the issuance of the notification letter, the Ministry of Manpower will give the company 5 days to transfer the DPKK (Skill & Development Fund) fee payments to the designated Indonesian banks.

After the DPKK fees are transferred for payment, the Ministry of Manpower will issue an RPTKA Ratification (IMTA) and there will be an online notification letter regarding further instructions for transferring government fee payments (PNBP: Non-Tax State Payments) prior to the issuance of eVisa index 312.

After the issuance of eVisa 312, the applicant will be given 90 days to enter Indonesia using the visa. Applicant must perform biometrics (single line photo & fingerprint) at the airport upon arrival.

E-ITAS & MERP (Multiple Exit Re-Entry Permit) stamps for work visas will be issued at Indonesian Airport Immigration when the applicant enters Indonesia using a work visa. As for family members, the E-itas & MERP stamp will be issued at the local Immigration office where they live in Indonesia.


For complete procedures, steps and time consumes in processing the working visa, please double click the "Permit Process", and "Permit time lines".

  • Download File : New Work Authorization Long term - Non Direksi here

  • Download File : New Work Authorization Short term - Non Direksi here

  • Download File : New Work Authorization - Direksi here

  • Download File : Renewal Work Authorization - Non Direksi here

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