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For foreigners who had ever lived in Indonesia using a temporary resident visa (KITAS or E-ITAS), they can apply a Police Clearance (SKCK) in Indonesia for the purpose of current new living overseas or for permanent residence overseas application.


Here are the requirements for processing your Police Clearance Certificate so called SKCK


Persyaratan/ Requirements




1.Filled form here


2.Application letter 


3.Form. Finger Print here


4.Copy passport, Visa /ITAS stamp in the passport page


5.Copy E-ITAS/ KITAS Card


6.Copy EPO Kitas (Stamp EPO or Triangle Stamp in Passport)


7.Photograph with a yellow background 4X6 (6ea)

  • Download File : Finger print form here

  • Download File : Power of Attorney for Police Clearance Application - SKCK here

  • Download File : SKCK Form to fill in here

  • Download File : Form.TIK in English here

  • Download File : Draft of Application letter here

Police Clearance/ SKCK for Foreigner

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