Rami Formality Services can assist both foreigners and Indonesians planning a mixed marriage here, in Indonesia, or in a foreign country.

In all cases, country laws apply for all legal documents and procedures. In other words, a French citizen marrying a Balinese and planning to live in Indonesia after marriage must have all legal papers certified by each Indonesian services or by an Indonesian notary depending on the situation.

Each country has different requirements concerning mixed marriage and emigration or immigration, so each situation must be treated accordingly.

RAMI can assist you in the procurement and translation, if required, of different documents as per the requirement of each Embassy or Consulate concerned.

It is of importance to know that most Indonesian services don´t accept certain laminated documents. In some cases, photocopies or facsimiles are accepted by some service department. So please check with us first before sending documents so that no time and expenses are wasted.

To avoid document losses and accelerate our services, we prefer using a reliable courier of your/our choice for the transfer of documents within the country and from overseas.

To serve you more efficiently, please include the following information when writing to Rami about a mixed marriage query:

  • Your country of origin 

  • Your country of residence

  • Your future spouse´s country of origin

  • Your future spouse´s country of residence

  • Your country of residence after the marriage

  • City where you will marry and date

  • Wether a religious and/or civil wedding

Upon reception of this information, we will contact the local administrative departments and Embassies and will promptly inform you about the requirements and the cost of our services.

Please understand that all information provided to Rami is considered as confidential and will not be used for any other reasons than for our own business purposes.

Please read the questions and answers herein before sending in a query - maybe you will find what you want to know here...

To get married in KUA (moslem wedding) :

Quick FAQ

How to get married in Indonesia when the spouses are from different nationalities (Indonesian and American/British/Dutch/...)?

A permission letter from your embassy in Indonesia is needed so that the marriage department and the religious community can issue a marriage certificate.

What are the chronological procedures for obtaining the paperwork for a mixed-marriage couple in Indonesia?

  • Letter of Non-impediment or letter of consent from your foreign embassy in Indonesia

  • Religious wedding:  Church wedding if the couple is Christian or Catholic; KUA if the couple is of Muslim faith

  • Civil marriage registration issued by Kantor Catatan Sipil or Civil Department

If you want to get married “Moslem wedding”, then the Moslem certificate will be required (for Foreigner).

To get married for non-moslem :

Required documents for the Foreigner:


  1. Copy of your foreign passport

  2. Copy of your birth Certificate

  3. Letter of Non-Impediment issued by the Embassy

  4. Photographs side by side with your future spouse 6X4 cm = 4 ea

  5. Original Divorced letter if you had ever married before

Required documents for Indonesian:


  1. Copy of the Indonesian ID card (KTP) and Family card (KK)

  2. Copy of birth certificate

  3. Original Divorced letter if the Indonesian ever got married before

  4. Original N1, N2, N3, N4 issued by “Kantor Kelurahan/ Municipal Dept”.

  5. Medical Check-up at the appointed Klinik/ hospital by the KUA office (will you know)

Please notes that the Civil Married vow will only be done after the religious married.

Can I get a permanent resident permit if I get married with an Indonesian woman and decide to live in Indonesia?

Yes, but firstly you have to obtain "Spouse Visa" . Spouse Visa is a temporary resident visa so called "KITAS" (Kartu Ijin Tinggal Terbatas) which is valid for 1 year. After 3 years continuously staying in Indonesia using ´Spouse visa", you can apply "Permanent resident visa" so called "KITAP" (Kartu Ijin Menetap).  KITAP is valid for 5 years, and can be extended during your staying in Indonesia - for first extension will be valid for 5 years, and second extension will be valid for life.

How about if the husband is Indonesian and the wife is a foreigner, can the wife get a permanent resident under her husband sponsorship?

Yes, even she can apply for Indonesian citizenship as soon as they get married. It´s under the Indonesian law # 7, article # 1 regarding citizenship.

Can a foreign man married to an Indonesian woman purchase and own land properties in Indonesia under the foreigner man´s name?

As 08 June 2002, according to the Indonesian law, foreigners still can´t own land properties. But foreigners are allowed to lease or rent land properties (20-30 years) for business purposes.

Can I obtain dual citizenship?

No. You must either detain the passport that you have presently or opt for an Indonesian citizenship.

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