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Notes about Index 212

  1. Index 212 is a multiple entry visit visa.

  2. Immigration Arrival stamp is 60 days calculated from the date of admission to Indonesia and as per new Immigration effectiveJune 2006 the index 212 CANNOT be extended while the foreigner is still in Indonesia. 

  3. Upon the expiry date of the 60th days of his staying, he has to go out of the country. Each day of overstay, the Airport departure Immigration will charge you for IDR 1.000.000/day.

  4. Within 48 hours of the foreigner´s arrival, the STM or Police report issued by local resort police should be applied for the foreigner

Multiple Entry Visit Visa

The overseas visa officer has the authority to issue a multiple-journey visit visa or so called INDEX 212 to an applicant only upon approval from the Director General of Immigration in Jakarta, Indonesia or a designated Immigration Officer.

A multiple-journey visit visa shall be issued by the overseas visa officer to an applicant who intends to visit Indonesia for a specific purpose several times.

A multiple-journey visit visa shall be granted to the holder of a passport or travel document which is valid for at least  18 months. The validation of a Multiple-journey Business visa is 12 months calculated from the date of issuance.

A Multiple Entry visit visa which includes various aspects:

  1. To discuss matters in the framework of trade transactions

  2. To make on the spot observations and to discuss trade commodities for the import-export business

  3. Business activity not engaged as an employee

  4. To join an international show/exhibition

  5. To join a meeting held by the head office or representative in Indonesia

  6. To discuss with Indonesian enterprises matters related to capital or commodity production by overseas enterprise

  7. To investigate possibilities for merchandising in the framework of capital investment with prospective partners in Indonesia

Download file Checklist Documents Multiple Entry Visit Visa here

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