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About Rami Services

With more than fifteen years of professional client care. RAMI Services Group has grown progressively into a multi-services companies but we are still mainly focused on our core business expertise in order to serve our clients better. 

We attribute our success story to the quality of our services, the attention that we bring to details, our well-trained employees and the way we stay at the forefront of technology in order to better serve our clients from all over the world. Rami has retained the same client-care philosophy that it had during its humble beginning. We always try harder, never resting on past success. We listen! We react! When requested, Rami also provides support and counseling during the course of government permits and visas inspection routines.

Rami Formality Services is also one of the appointed companies by Indonesian Tourism Dept and Directorate General Immigration to be a company sponsor and handling permits for Foreign retiree who wish to live in Indonesia using a retirement visa.

Rami Resources Indonesia can offer a joint operating company with a foreign company and sponsoring their expatriate to do some business project in Indonesia. And we will handle the working permits, payroll, income tax report and other obligatory enrollments during their expatriates in Indonesia.

Thank you for your time visiting RAMI official website.

RAMI does it better!

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